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Made in India Garment Label Machinery


New Age Ultrasonic Textile Machinery


Full Function All Fold Machine (VET70AFM)

Easy to operate and customizable according to the needs and requirements. It can automatically recognize labels.


Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine (VET90ULCM)

Provides ultra-smooth and precisely sealed edges for printed and cotton labels. It also works for taffeta and cotton labels.


Label Cutting & Folding Machine Blades / Cutters

Designed and manufactured with precision and details these blades and cutters provide the perfect finish every single time.


Ultrasonic Center Fold Machine (VET110UCFM)

Designed specifically to cut and center fold Satin and Cotton Labels with Ultrasonic Smooth finishing and 100%  accuracy.


Ultrasonic Label Welding Machine (VET200LWM)

Designed for sealing small pieces of ribbon into one single roll. It is equipped with a powerful ultrasonic hand-sealing gun.


Ultrasonic Horn, Convertor & Generator

Hybrid Horn, converter, and generator for label cutting machine gives you optimal performance and feather soft cutting edges.


Made With New Age Technology & Experience

We provide Ultrasonic Garment Label Cutting, Ultrasonic Garment Label Folding,  Ultrasonic Label Cutting &Folding Machine blades and cutters, Ultrasonic Horns, Convertors & Generator, Ultrasonic Label Welding Machines, HD Cartridge Heaters & Heater Sensors.

We Design & Manufacture

To bring accuracy, speed, and spareness to your work.

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Our services include blade re-sharpening and ultrasonic unit maintenance for garment label machinery.

We offer lifetime services for our machinery.

Yes, we do provide spare parts and services for garment label machine maintenance.

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